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My sister has owned a 1994 Black, Manual Transmission 3.8L 6 Cylinder Ford Mustang for about 5 years now and just recently her car overheated. So so my brother and my dad decide to take a look. They determined that they would have to take the engine apart. For about 4 or 5 hours today they took the hood off the car, took the entire top half of the engine off and this is where the fun started. Right when they got the covers off the pistons, there was antifreeze all over the pistons and spark plugs. Apparentely the gasket blown so one out of the six pistons was entirely clean because of the antifreeze. The gasket itself appears to be defective, the metal wire around the one hole for the piston was twisted up and the surrounding area was disintegrated. Now my sister has probably been running her engine for a month, meaning that her whole engine has probably been mixed with antifreeze, oil and gasoline. Surprisingly enough it seems as though everything is intact, no cracks in the block and no cracks in any other parts. They have to clean out all the parts now and flush out the entire system, as well as change the oil. The good side of it is my brother now has the Mustang while my sister is buying a Kia Sportage. The downside of it is I get my brother's run-down buick lesabre. I don't mind it i guess, i mean I am getting a car out of it right? Anyone have any advice on anything? Should something be done to the engine that i didn't mention?

Please help

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